Saturday, 14 June 2014

Good evening all.
I HAVE MOVED web hosting locations
After long consideration I have moved my blog site.  I started this last blog August or there abouts and didn't think it would be as successful as it has been.
I realize not a lot of traffic has come to my blog, but frankly there has been more than I expected. I have had things to say and have found the platform to say them.
The opportunity came up to move to a web platform that will allow me to expand on what is written and what is published.
This new platform  Chuck's cycling corner

This will allow me to post more pictures along with short videos, and yes if that sounds like the start of what will work into a web site, then I suspect you would be right.

This site was very good for me to start with, but now I understand a little more and want to add more.  This is the reason I am moving

Please take this opportunity to accept my personal invitation to follow me over to  Chuck's cycling corner

Thanks for reading, I hope to see and hear from you at the new site, again that's   Chuck's cycling corner

Thanks for stopping by
  Safe Ride Home


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