Monday, 2 June 2014


Today was the first real summer day that we have held a CAN-BIKE course on.  Hot, sunny, about the 25 degrees C, and no wind. This is the kind of day cycling is ment for.
I have a lovely sun burn, cyclists burn- arms from just above the elbow down, the top of my legs and my calves are also tingling, add to that my neck the bottom half of my face not covered by the helmet visor. All in all a good day.
I watched the sun rise as I ran for the ferry to Vancouver Island this morning and I am now watching had sun set as we head back towards the mainland.
Yes, I would say it's been a good day.
The course was a smaller than hoped for class, for the City of Duncan. They are a repeat client so a smaller class is acceptable, we hit the minimum but that was it.
The students left tired, sore, sweaty, and a little burnt, but with smiles as big as all out doors.  They also left with a couple of other things- confidence that they can now ride through their city with confidence in their ability. They also left with a greater understanding of what safe and defensive cycling is about, and how to look out and play the "what if" game.
They are better riders and in turn they will be better drivers because they have a new perspective on road usage.
Their employer is now able to allow them to ride as part of their jobs, if the jobs allow for it. They have more than 20 new skills to work with and practice which will further give them riding confidence.
One fellow said he rode out to the University of  Victoria, down MacKenzie but pulled off when the bike lane stopped.  He said now he can see how to finish that ride.

All the students came over and not only shook my hand saying thank-you but pumped my hand with excitement from the day. Like I said smiles from ear to ear.

Ya, I'm tired and spent, and it's all worth it. And I feel good knowing I have accomplished something today. I assisted others to reach farther with their cycling potential and feel better about themselves.

An incredible BC sunset over the ocean. These are what make BC the incredible place it is, and makes me blessed that I am able to live back here again.

Tomorrow myself and Kelyn are in South Surrey/White Rock doing it again for another group, another returning client.
The weather tomorrow is supposed to the same as today, or better. A sunscreen day for sure.

I can't change the world but I can work within my little piece of it to try to make it better and by giving back.

I am tired, a little sore and sun burnt... and I feel good. A day well spent and looking forward to tomorrow.

Ya, it has been a good day.

Thanks for stopping by,
     Safe ride home


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